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Combatives Training


The Core Skills of Unarmed Knife Defense are designed to impart the most essential skills in self-protection from knife attacks.

The Core Skills of Armed Knife Defense are designed to impart the most essential skills in self-protection from knife attacks.

Focus Courses expand your Core Skills and introduce other life-saving tactics with their supporting developmental drills.


You choose the most convenient location, time, and duration which saves you time; and you set the pace asking as many questions as you like.

You can connect with our licensed trainers who have a solid following in their area and hold group training on a regular or semi-regular basis.

The hands-on workshops are very popular because our trainers genuinely want to share their knowledge and see that you become safer.


CYT-samplePractice each of the online video lessons and/or work hands-on with a trainer until you can skillfully perform and explain each lesson.

MYP-sample There is no fee to meet with an Instructor where you present each lesson to know you are 100% prepared.

GYL-sample The licensing agreement that ensures all trainers operate in ways that reflect positively on all of us and our businesses.


You get both Knife Defense and Knife Fighting courses
3.5 hours of instruction from 50 info-packed lessons
and personal support from experts in our community